July 2022 'Home'Ward Bound Newsletter

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July 2022
 Hal Blake
Jason Blake
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Freedom From and Freedom To!

Happy FREEDOM month! As you know July is our nations birthday month. If you are like me, you celebrate it daily. You are undoubtedly familiar with how it all started:

The Preamble. It outlines a general philosophy of government that justifies revolution when government harms natural rights. We are very familiar with the first part of that section… right?

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Beautiful famous words. Those words really come to life for us when you consider the idea of owning real estate, especially your own home.

Which leads me to the next part of the Declaration of Independence, called the Indictment.

The Indictment is a bill of particulars documenting the king's "repeated injuries and usurpations" of the Americans' rights and liberties. And if you read the document, it is a long list of wrongs for sure.

My guaranteed sale program is a solution to ‘wrongs’ in real estate for homeowners experiencing the Catch 22. In fact, this is how successful businesses are built. Identify something that is a problem for people and solve it.

In today’s market, many homeowners really want to make a move, but are finding themselves in a catch 22 – whether to sell first or buy first. They don’t want to end up getting stuck owning two homes or none at all.

My solution to this dilemma is this guarantee: “Your Home Sold Guaranteed at a Price Agreeable to You or I’ll Buy It*”

My own revolution, so to speak, that deals with the age-old indictment of whether to buy first of sell first.

Another wrong we are on a mission to help right is the indictment that life sometimes deals people a raw deal. Bad things many times happen to good people.

This is why we are on a mission to raise money for The wounded warrior project. As a Corporate Champion, We support the Wounded Warrior Project in their efforts to deliver life changing programs to over 100,000 wounded warriors, their families and caregivers. Through support like ours, warriors are able to connect with each other, overcome mental health challenges, lead active and healthy lives. 

SO, YOUR REFERRALS REALLY DO HELP THESE HEROES WHO NEED HELP THE MOST! Keep them coming! If you would like to find out more about the Wounded Warrior Project, please visit their website at: https://support.woundedwarriorproject.org

Who do you know considering buying or selling a home you could refer to our real estate sales team? Not only will they benefit from our award-winning real estate service, but a very worthy cause will also benefit as well. To refer anyone considering buying or selling a home just give me a call or pass on my number 718-608-4892.  You can also go to www.BlakeTeamReferrals.com and enter their contact info online or forward the link to who you know considering a move.Thank you in advance for your referrals!

I want to openly wish our great country a happy birthday and thank you for checking out this month’s Homeward Bound news. Go Serve Big!!!

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